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What is Barre and Why is it Effective?

You may have heard of Barre. Maybe a friend’s tried it, but you’re not sold on another trendy workout. Veteran Tahoe Fitness Loft instructor Janelle Hibler explains, “Barre combines the best of the best: core strength of Pilates, mindfulness of yoga, and the high intensity of strength workouts, all mixed into a high-energy, jam-packed 45-55 minutes of positivity and shaky muscles.”

Barre, a low-impact, ballet-inspired workout is perfect for anyone looking to enhance flexibility, improve posture and body alignment, tighten core muscles, strengthen and stabilize smaller muscle groups, and fine-tune the mind-body connection.

Most classes include a warm-up, time at the barre, some mat work, and a cool-down with stretching and flexibility exercises.

Barre workouts are low-impact and performed at a slower pace, with a focus on high-reps of light weights, and small range movements with isometric holds like a plié and relevé squat. The focus on isometric holds allows you to strengthen the muscle group without placing extra stress on the joint.

Not a dancer and have no idea what a plié and relevé are? No problem! No dance experience is needed, and TFL instructors use both visual and verbal cues, so you’re never left wondering.

Schedule a Barre class today and come discover what you’ve been missing. See you at the barre!

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