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When it comes to weight loss...

There is no such thing as ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

We believe that utilizing Metabolic Testing in the form of an RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Test will give you the exact measurements you need to succeed. Once you have your caloric target it’s all about staying consistent in achieving that goal on a daily basis.

Here are a few tips to help keep the progress on track:

  • Make small changes and substitutions to your current eating habits. Any time we change things too drastically it is much harder to stick with those changes over time. This can be as simple as subbing out one ingredient for something healthier that saves you handfuls of unhealthy calories each time you make that single decision. These little changes will add up to big results when you stick with them.

  • Don’t think of your changes as a temporary “diet”. This is a lifestyle change that can (and should) be maintained over the long haul.

  • Find people that will support your decisions to live a healthier life! It’s hard enough to make changes to what (and when) you are eating that having the added challenge of a loved one or friend(s) that aren’t willing to help you along the way makes the hill much tougher to climb. Support is essential!

  • Use a calorie-tracking app and/or website to help you understand what each of the things you are eating is adding to your daily caloric numbers. A couple to consider are: Cronometer or MyFitnessPal. If you’ve got friends who are already on this journey just ask them what they use so they might be able to give you a tour and help it make better sense of putting it into action.

  • This isn’t just about your calories and your macronutrients (i.e., Carbs, Fats, Proteins)! We know this is what most people like to focus on, and these are categories that can be watched, but the body is an extraordinarily complex machine that requires many vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to keep the processes functioning properly. This is where the above calorie-tracking app can be effective. Use it to see what your diet may be lacking in so you are able to increase foods that will provide those needed elements.

  • Supplements are meant to SUPPLEMENT your diet of whole foods. Do not get in the habit of making a supplement a main portion of your daily intake. Use them, instead, as a filler of sorts that will get you from one meal to the next or add a couple needed calories or nutrients to a meal. We are big fans of SunWarrior as a supplement company. Please take a look at their options and decide if using their products will help you get where you are trying to go. If you do decide that you like their products as much as we do please use code PEAKPERK to get up to 15% off any order you make.

  • Drink water! We know you’ve heard this all your life, but that’s because its still as true to today as the first day you heard it. Our bodies are between 60-70% water and that water needs to be replenished daily to keep our organs properly functioning. Drinking enough water will also have the added benefits of flushing toxins out of your body and making your skin more hydrated and tighter. So…drinking enough water makes you look and feel more youthful. Enough said.

  • Finally, this is one that may be a tough pill to swallow, but you need to stop looking at the scale! This (in my humble opinion) is the least important number we should be focusing on. Yes, it feels good to see the number start to drop as we are putting in effort with our food and exercise decisions, but ultimately, we are doing these things to be healthier and happier, right? I know there will always be a sense of vanity behind putting all this work in. Who doesn’t like to look better naked? Or get back into that favorite outfit that just doesn’t fit like it used to? My hope is that we can change the focus to one that is more about the body composition as opposed to the number on the scale. Let me explain… A pound weighs a pound no matter what it consists of. The big difference is how much space that pound takes up and whether that pound is helping us achieve things or if it’s getting in our way of achieving things. So, if we can begin to build muscle while losing fat, we might not see a huge change on the scale, but we will notice a huge change in the appearance of our body as well as our capabilities with the weight we are carrying around because a pound of lean muscle takes up much less space and is far more effective than a pound of fat. This topic can be extended for a much longer conversation so I will leave with a positive push that focusing on the yo-yo of the number on the scale is not going to help you feel like every day you are making progress because I promise that you will have days that the number will rise even when you are doing everything right. You can’t let yourself get bogged down by these minor changes. Stay focused on the big picture and know that your efforts are leading you in the right direction!

So, what exactly is metabolism, what is an RMR Test and how does it work?

Metabolism is the process of converting food (calories) into energy. The efficiency with which your body does this is referred to as your metabolic rate. Many factors affect a person’s metabolic rate: weight, age, body composition, hormone levels, and gender making it a highly unique number.

An RMR Test will gauge your breathing rate, volume, and CO2/O2 content against the surrounding environment. Armed with this information we can dial in the exact caloric requirements you need on any given day. We will add your daily activity and exercise averages so you can determine how much you should be eating on a rest/recovery day versus a day that you are really getting your sweat on. Having this knowledge allows you to be precise with your meal planning just like you should be precise with your exercise planning. See this article for more information on the benefits of working with a personal trainer to help get you the results you are aiming for.

Why test your Metabolic Rate?

Understanding your body’s unique metabolic rate will allow you and/or your practitioner to customize your weight loss or maintenance program around your needs.

  • It can screen for a slowed metabolism that may explain frustrated attempts to lose weight in the past.

  • It can reveal changes in your metabolism during the weight loss process that can help troubleshoot a frustrating plateau.

  • Once you reach your goal, an RMR measurement can give you the precise caloric prescription for maintenance to help you sustain that goal weight.

If you have any questions about getting an RMR Test scheduled for yourself, please use the online scheduling, reach us at or 775-548-5002. We want to continue this discussion and help get you on the right track to transform your body, your outlook, and your future.

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