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What's the point of getting involved?

In short, all of us here at Tahoe Fitness Loft are passionate about seeing our members & clients (friends is more like it…) be as capable and as functional as possible. We strive to bring together a variety of exercise options under one roof with a supportive and driven staff of instructors and trainers to make for an amazing experience that is capable of catering to everyone in our community from the outdoor fitness fanatics that are hard to get to come inside to those looking to bounce back from an injury or surgery and even to those who just want to increase their functionality in day-to-day life. We want to bring something to the table for everyone and while our classes will be fitness-focused, we have deep desire to connect with, and promote, other local businesses and individuals that keep the heartbeat of this community pumping. In this space we feel confident in our ability to expand into arenas that will help to tie together what we believe to be crucial components of overall health and wellness.

The fitness classes and private training sessions we have on our schedule is just facet of overall wellness that we hope to impact in your lives, but what about when you go home from the studio?

· What are you planning to

put in your body for fuel? Are you eating enough of the right types of foods? How are you even supposed to know what the right types of foods are?

· What about your water? Are you drinking water? How much is enough? How much is too much? Is there even such a thing?!

· Are you stretching? When? What types of stretches are you doing and how long do you do them for?

· What about stress? Are you getting enough sleep? What can you be doing to help yourself manage your stress and get more restful sleep?

These choices can, and will, have the largest impact on how well you recover from your workouts and keep you ready for whatever life throws at you. We understand and appreciate that we are just one small portion of your day. You have a lot that needs to get accomplished and we hope to keep you encouraged that you have everything it takes to not only get things done, but to get them done WELL!

Part of the plan we have envisioned to help bring more information to you all is through our blog. We are excited to begin this blogging journey but let’s be honest, there is no shortage of information today and the last thing we want to do is become another echoing voice in a loud room of opinions. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a trusted source of valuable information that you can implement in your lives that help to show you how much you are capable of, how much power you have in controlling the decisions you make each day, and ultimately that you are amazing human beings! We are not going to pretend that everything we say is going to be the end-all of each topic so all we can hope is that we encourage deeper discussions. We will, however, say with confidence that we will only provide information and direction on topics that we have researched and genuinely believe will help you expand your possibilities, understanding, and determination to keep your goals in sight.

We look forward to joining you on your journey and having you along for ours as well. And more importantly, we look forward to seeing you in the studio to watch you challenge yourselves to becoming a better version of you!

This is just scratching the surface of the things we look forward to bringing to the community so stay tuned…

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