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A Fall Fitness Plan: 5 Strategies for a Healthy Change of Seasons

When the seasons change, it’s an excellent time to look back and assess where your health and fitness is at. And, it’s a great time to look forward and prepare for the months ahead. This is especially true as we shift from summer to fall.

The weather is changing from hot to cool. The days are shorter. The holidays are on the horizon. And, your routines will change accordingly. Going in with a plan will set you up to emerge in the new year healthy and fit.

Said another way, instead of reacting with resolutions in January, be proactive in planning now.

1. Your Fall Nutrition

As we shift from one season to the next, it's a wonderful time to change up your nutrition. New fruits and vegetables become available, and the weather ushers in a natural interest in different types of foods: when we move into fall, warmer foods like soups and stews become a lot more appealing.

This is also a time of holiday parties, where your cup overfloweth and the baked goods are piled high. Knowing how you’ll approach all this change is a key factor to navigating it in a way you’ll feel good about.

A strategy to consider is thinking about nourishment instead of deprivation. Instead of going into the holidays thinking about everything you “shouldn’t” be eating, focus on what will make you feel your best. Where you focus your attention has a big impact on the actions you take.

2. Your Fall Fitness

As the weather and daylight shift, so will your activities. It’s an excellent time to check out the indoor fitness options available to you. At the Tahoe Fitness Loft, we offer an exciting variety of classes and personal training options, for every level of fitness. We’re here to support you in your health and wellness goals.

If you’re looking forward to skiing or other snow sports, this is prime time to prepare your body for a strong and injury-free season; a personalized strength and mobility plan will help here a lot.

This is also a beautiful season to get outside. The weather is cooler and the foliage is changing. The crowds have relaxed and the air is crisp and clear. And, getting out in the daylight hours is beneficial to your sleep cycles, and it’s a way to boost your energy during the day.

3. Your Fall Fitness Friends

Back in July, we talked about how fun and motivating it is to be a part of a fitness community: fitness is better with friends. The people you surround yourself with will have a direct impact on your daily habits and choices. Having people in your life who share similar wellness goals will make it that much easier, and enjoyable, for you to keep on that path.

If you’ve already got your go-to group, wonderful. Maybe consider how you can strengthen those bonds or lead the way for others who may be struggling. You could suggest an event to train for or a wellness goal to work toward. If you're the one who could use a boost, make that known.

If you’re looking to create some connections, take the leap. Find an activity or class and go for it. Find a group that welcomes newcomers, and start showing up. You may be amazed by the great bonds that form over making fun and healthy choices together.

4. Your Fall Mental Wellness

Some people welcome the fall gleefully while others lament the end of summer. Wherever you land on that spectrum, the reality is, changing seasons have an impact on your mental state. There is no doubt that shorter days can contribute to feeling lethargic and down or even downright depressed. The holidays usher in their own stresses, around family and travel and parties and presents and celebrating–it can be a lot of fun, but it can be triggering as well.

Take stock of how the fall season impacts your mood and emotions. Think through what may cause stress or discomfort, and put some strategies in place to mitigate situations that have a negative impact on you. Do you need some boundaries around how much time you’ll spend with certain family members? Have you set a limit to the number of parties you’ll attend or host?

As important, if not more so, find what boosts and strengthens your mental and emotional well being. It could be something as simple as making sure you get out for a walk each morning. Or making sure you get enough sleep. Carving out habits, space, and time that keep your mental and emotional state strong will make for a much more enjoyable fall, whatever your feelings about the season.

5. Your Fall Recuperation

Fall is a natural time to regroup and take stock. So let’s parlay that into taking stock of how your body feels and making healthy plans: do you have lingering injuries or discomfort? Are there some weak or chronically stiff areas in your body that need some attention? How’s your balance? Is your core feeling strong and powerful?

Make this your fall season of working toward enjoyable whole body strength and mobility. Your body is an amazing healing and rejuvenation machine: it is always changing. With consistent, strategic efforts then, you can always be moving toward improving or maintaining your wellness. This is true at every age, wherever you are in your wellness journey. Your future self will be so happy with you for making these efforts, starting today.

Small, Consistent Efforts; Big Long-Term Results

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s change. The seasons remind of this every three months. With your body, change comes over time; wellness doesn't happen in an instant. Your body is a reflection of choices made day after day, week after week.

Use this shift in seasons to pick a few small changes you feel ready and able to make, and stick with. Or recognize what's already working, and thank yourself for implementing the choices that work best for you.

Wherever you are with your health and fitness, creating a plan for where you want to go will set you up for a most enjoyable fall season, and beyond.

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